How do you best market a sports event with pretty much no money in the wallet?

Where the target group are hided somewhere on 2 wheels in the woods?
Instead of subway commercials and billboards we tried to create a buzz
around Lida Loop Mountainbike Race in 2014.

To meet this we invented Hasse ”Kingen” Carlsson, a fictive character
for social media. The audience could follow his struggles from being a new beginner in mountainbiking to the actual race through ”Kingen”s blog, YouTube and Facebook.

We learned that using social media might not be the fastest, and by no meanings the easy way to work. Storytelling demands a lot of effort and a continous stream of stories on all channels. On the other hand we suddenly had a great character and ambassadeur to profile the race for a long time.


My part in the project was concept development,

ideation, blogging and interactions at Facebook.

I also did a small part of amateur acting in this pro bono project.