The True Story of an
accountant, his shoelaces
and a belt.

A men’s boutique in Gothenburg, Sweden, gets visited every ones or twice a year by Calle, a friend of mine. This man is in his middle age, well payed job, kids, wife, villa. He's not interested in shopping AT ALL. He actually hates shopping.


But every once or twice a year he spends a lot of money.
We're talking at least 2.000 USD in one snap. This happens
every time he gets into this particular shop in Gothenburg.
It’s not a big one. It’s not fancy.

So I asked him why does this happen? Why at this shop?

His answer in short was:

”They saw my too long shoelaces
and my too loose belt, after I lost
some weight from last time I was there.
They fixed it in seconds. They see ME.”


That to me is a true user experience.


The true understanding for how a customer
wants to be percieved, makes a business.